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Happy Valentine's Day

I'm not celebrating V-day this year because I'm sick and all. But I want to wish couples and singles a very happy Valentine's Day! How are you spending your Valentine's Day? 

Guys, I hope you didn't forget about her Valentine's Day gift. 
Girls, be happy and grateful  for what you have.

Ohai! Long time no see!

Last year, I posted a recipe for V-day dinner preparation. So, this year, it would be for the singles!

Singles, don't be discouraged. If you do not want to spend Valentine's feeling all glum and lonely, this is what you can do :-

1. Take a nice warm bathe (it is therapeutic and relaxing)
2. Read a book while savoring a delicious slice of chocolate cake (chocolate cake warms the heart)
3. Or, enjoy a nice movie (a comedy preferably, have some laughs. Who said singles can't be happy?)
4. Hit the sack early. (besides, this year's V-day is on a weekday. You probably have work/school the next day)

Or, you can go to the cinemas, shopping and karaoke with your other single friends. Maybe arrange a blind double date. (double blind date?) Do something fun! Something you wouldn't usually do. Whatever you do, doNOT spend V-day feeling sorry for yourself. Maybe he/she is just around the corner. But if you are going to be all glum and sorry for yourself, you may not see him/her even if he/she was standing right in front of you! So...


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