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Best Friends.

Funny how life works, ain't it? A year ago, my best friend sent a bunch of roses to my office. I rejected him. In the most cruel way imaginable. 

After 2 or 3 months later, we started speaking again. And everything was back to normal where we were both best friends again. Until last month.

He bought flowers again. But this time, he did not send them to my office. He kept it in the fridge. When I wanted to get my bubble tea from the fridge, I saw the bunch of roses. Stood there for a moment. Stoned. Then, I picked up my bubble tea and pretended I saw nothing. The next thing I remember was hearing him taking a deep breath and mumbling, "ok!" to himself.

How could anyone be stupid enough to go after someone who had cruelly rejected you again and again?

And he literally said, "I want to give you flowers and hold your hand, I don't want to regret like Bruno Mars".


That was the sweetest thing ever. 

Now, Boy... Friend.

I think he is the craziest guy I have ever met. I don't think anyone has loved me more than him. Not only he understands me in and out, but he is the second person in the whole world who knows me other than myself.

Even the exact size of my feet.Smiley

He even chose the design himself. 

He will always ask me what I want to eat, what I want to do, where I want to go. It is always me first. Everything for me, everything because of me. I mentioned to my mum that he treats me like a princess, but my mum said he treats me like a queen.

How can anyone not fall for this guy?

"Anata no kareshi"

But I am still mean to him. Sometimes. Most of the time.


  1. Thanks. Haven't heard from you since forever. Jaiden too. Don't know if he is still alive.


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