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My Valentine

Long time no see. I am such a lazy fatty. Probably because the kareshi is a lazy fatty as well. But he is the sweetest fatty. I have never celebrated valentines day. Or more accurately, had never valentines day been made such a big deal in my life. 

This year my kareshi booked us a place at Hilton's. I was sick that day with running nose and slight sorethroat but I didn't want his efforts to go to waste so I went but did not take any pictures because I looked so horribleeeeeeee~ 

So let's fast forward...

 Chinese New Year decorations

Pink and red... Both my favourite colours!

Don't know why, but the kareshi is always having trouble taking "normal" pictures...

He looks really nice here, right? He even shaved... XD

My valentines gift~ Mary had a little ram... little ram...


The kareshi had arranged a surprise birthday for me at my favourite karaoke place. With my close friends and colleagues. But I didn't take either pictures either because:-
1. I was wearing house clothes, like pyjamas
2. I was crying for like a whole 10 minutes! Dammit!

He bought a whole Pavlova from Alexis!! 

Then, at night, he brought me to this place called "Huck's Cafe" which he booked in January. ~_~"
It was located in Bangsar which is actually a house and the chef personally cooks for you.

I even had make up and lipstick...

Are we there yet?

Huck's Cafe (...or really, Huck's bungalow)

The place is really quiet... And I really liked the environment...

Wow. So feels. Much Romantic. Very love. 
(My english did not just became worse, it's just a reference to "doge" meme)

Piccies before din dins


Mushroom soup. I really like soups. And I loved this. 
There were at least 3 types of mushrooms in there.

Gourmet pie with a twist. There were pomelo leaves and it tasted like a fushion of cream soup with curry. =S

And last but not least... My favourite part of the meal... DESSERTS!!!

Earl grey tea. Brownies. And creme brulee. YUM! YUM! YUMS!! YUMMEH YUMMEH YUMS!!! 
Looking back, this made me really hungry...

Would you like to know what the kareshi got me for my birthday gift? 

Omg! It is so freaking cute I could die. When it is upgraded, it wears a pair of sunglasses. I really love this shagbark. 
(it is a dota 2 courier, if you do not what is it)

Then, we spent the next day entirely playing with legos. (My second birthday gift). 

The kareshi always gets me gifts which meant a lot to me. Makes me really touched at times. Makes me feel like he really put a lot of thought into a gift. Efforts. Makes me feel that he really couldn't live without me. That he really understands me. That he really meant every word he said. That he really keeps his promises.

I Love You! 


Happy New Year! - 2014

Dear 2013,

You have been giving me all sorts of wonderful surprises. Thanks for showing me who I am, what I am made of and that I deserved to love and be loved. 

~ fatter, properous me ~

Thanks for bringing special friends into my life. It makes work much more bearable. And it makes me happy everyday. 
~ Friends who are more than just mere colleagues ~

Thanks for showing me how important my family is to me and thanks for bringing the kareshi to me. He has filled my life with colours and painted my world. He makes me look forward to everyday and surprises me with little things.

~ the kareshi ~

As in life, all great things must come to an end. I have not changed who I am, I just grew into someone much better.



Welcome 2014!!! 
You have been good to me so far 


DotA Birthday Cake

It was the kareshi's birthday. Actually we had his surprise birthday planned one month earlier. It was nerve wrecking since I had to hide the emails and texts, and at the same time look for a bakery which is willing to make a DotA cake. I was so stressed out since no one wants to make the DotA cake. But the outcome was definitely worth it.

His best friend flew from Singapore the night before and stayed at a hotel near his apartment. I have to confess that his best friend did most of the planning, booking, running around and synchronising with all the guests so that no one leaked anything. 

On that eventful day, he thought we are going to have a casual dinner with my best friend, Mable. Once we reached the place, he was stunned for a while and looked around. His close friends and cousin was there. Then he asked, "Where is Mable?"

He couldn't digest what was going on, and he looked very blur with his mouth hanging open. But all in all, I was glad that it went smoothly. He said that he never had a birthday like this before. I am happy that he is happy. 

Anyway, the most expensive cake ever is this piece of art. Sniper is his favourite hero, so I asked the designer to include it in the cake. 

Nature's Prophet, Pudge and Sniper are still kept in a box in his room.

All his closest friends and his cousin.

He said, "WTF?! My birthday and you're making a sad face?!"

GUO GUO!! ^^