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Krabi : First Trip with the Kareshi!

On the 23rd January 2014, we went to G.E.M's concert in Stadium Putra, Bukit Jalil. 

And of course, how can we miss this awesome show without Elephantbaby and Nelle?


The next day, KRABI, here we are!!!! *excited*


Ok, I am lazy and tired. The rest of the post consists of picturesque views and good food with great company. I had the most wonderful time of my life.

Our stay in Beyond Resort Krabi was one of the best hotel I've ever stayed in. They even have their own private beach.
(I am comparing this to one of the 5 star hotel I've stayed in Orchard Road, Singapore)

Our complimentary welcome drinks.

Their staffs were friendly and their services were first class.
When Nelle told them it was our anniversary, they sent a fruit cake to each of our rooms.

And it was absolutely delicious!!! One of the best things I've eaten for free. And they say that the best things in life don't come for free, IT IS A LIE!

We went to one of the best sunset dining in Ao Nang, Krabi, The Hilltop.
The view was mesmerising. But the company was what made the experience such a memorable one.




Of course, what would the trip to Krabi be without visiting the islands and swimming with the fishes.



Our daily activities in the evening consists of food, food, massages and food.
(Banana + nutella pancakes everyday, ftw!)

We did some kayaking outside of Beyond Resort.

Just "some". Kayaking. Outside of Beyond Resort. Literally.

 And the best part about Krabi is FOOD!!!!

Actual Ao Nang boat noodles. Not those gimmicks with 1 scoop of noodle in your bowl (so little until don't know want to put where) and you stack shitloads of bowl to take pictures.

Another memorable moment was when we had our massage by the beach. It was so relaxing, I fell asleep while having our head "massad". It was shooooo guuuuddd~~~

I watched many sunsets in Krabi. I really love this place and since it is the first trip with the kareshi, it makes the experience much more special.

Our last night in Krabi was spent having dinner by the beach with a tower of seafood and so much food that I could feel like I gained another 10kgs.

Yeap. That's a pig on the kareshi's tummy.

 BOOHOO!!! The day we check out and say bye-bye Krabi! (But I don't wanna....................) 

Breakfast with sea breeze and the beautiful view.

Nelle's super healthy breakfast.

As usual, no breakfast is complete without fats and bacon for me.

Bye-bye Beyond Resort. I will never forget the experience you gave me.

Well, back to real life and work. wuwuwuwuw~~~

Btw, I can't thank Nelle enough so I'm gonna just post this here. Nelle is god-given angel to us. She planned the entire trip. She is the reason why our whole trip was so oriented. She is like a professional tour guide. If you feel seasick, Nelle has the cure. If you feel sick, Nelle has the paracetamol. Nelle has sunblock, vitamin C and aloe vera for after sun. Anything you need, you name it, she has it. Thank you, God for bringing Nelle to us.

Oh, another thing is my new toy from the kareshi.

My early birthday pressie and valentine's gift. And it is not even February yet.