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Just Give Me A Reason

Haven't been able to write due to the lack of love in my life. Well, not literally, since I have many people around me who cares a lot for me making me blissfully happy but busy at the same time. Well, you get the gist. 

Sometimes in a relationship, there are ups and downs, on and offs. How do you know if all she needs is a reason that the relationship is not broken? How do you know when to walk away or when to stand by her side, never forsaking her as what you have promised?

A friend, Y just got out of a relationship a few months ago. These is what really happened.

1. She does not care how you feel or what you are going through.
- Y was having his exams that same week she insisted that they break up. Even when he asked her if they could pretend that these hadn't happened until his exams was over. She didn't want to.

2. She doesn't want to reply or talk.
- After the exams, he wanted to talk things through because things ended so suddenly. And her excuse for being too busy to talk was, someone was fixing her friend's laptop, so she had to watch. Instead of rescheduling another time to talk, she said she'll send him a voice note instead.

3. She doesn't feel moved or touched with any gestures whatsoever.
- Y had flowers and gifts delivered to her, yet, she just told him not to do it again.

When Y told me about these, I had a bad feeling though I was wishing that what I felt wasn't true because I did not have the heart to tell him. What made me so sure about this girl was:-

1. She was still staying with her ex-boyfriend.

2. She mentioned to him that she should have given her ex-boyfriend another chance. Her ex-boyfriend was a cheater, why would anyone give a cheater another chance unless she still has feelings for him.

3. She was so cold-hearted and couldn't care if he failed his exams. She didn't want to wait another day. All she had to do was just wait ONE more day, until his exams was over. I reckoned that she was so eager to break up with Y was because she had gone back to the ex.

I felt utterly disgusted with these kind of people. Even if you no longer have feelings for that someone, at least you were once his friend. Have a little empathy. These are the type of people that is wrong with the world. Heartless. Cold. Selfish. And worse of all, she gave him the stupidest reason to break up with him. Stress. He gives her "stress". However, I do not have the heart to tell him what I think.  I wished I was wrong and maybe she had her own reasons. I have never seen him more upset.  He didn't want to eat. He kept smoking and drinking. I had to keep an eye on him while he prepares for his exams. Every once in a while he would just stare into space, emotionless.

If the girl breaks up with you because she was insecure, because she needs assurance that you'd still want her, she will still be by your side. And she definitely be there for you when you need her, or when you need someone to talk to. Or when you are sick, she will care for you. She will still stay and she will still cry for you.

If she doesn't care about you at all, it is time to let go and just walk away. 

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