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Singapore: An Elephant's Big Day!

A couple of weeks ago, the kareshi and I flew to Singapore on a one-day trip for a very special elephant's birthday.

We had to wake up super early to catch our super early flight to Singapore. I barely had any sleep and the damned alarm clock rang at 4:30a.m. while I rushed to get prepared. 

The elephant had no idea we were coming over as we made all the arrangements with his awesomesauce girlfriend, Nelle. Exciting day!!!

When we reach the airport, Nelle was already at the arrival hall waiting for us. She brought us breakfast (eggs and toast) while making further arrangements and making sure that the elephant did not oversleep.

After our brief breakfast, we went to her cousin's japanese restaurant where we camped for like an hour plus. I believe the kareshi and I have what it takes to be a sniper.

The view from our position where we were camping while retaining cover. Nelle had to meet the elephant elsewhere so that we do not blow our cover.

The kareshi under cover. 使徒行者.

I swear we waited for almost a year as I felt many seasons had passed but Nelle and the elephant was still no where to be seen. I slept and slept and slept... Oh! Still not here! Gawddammit! Ah! My back hurts from all the crawling hiding.

Finally! After several decades! We can eat! And no more camping in static position!

But first! Lemme take a selfie....

The elephant and his beautiful girlfriend... Also, her cute cousin...

Mimimimimi... Mimi sexy sashimi-mi... Mememememe... Meme... Sexy Andy...

After that, we went back to their crib next to Katong and settle down... While the kareshi and his mistress elephant makes out, I practically fainted on the nearest available bed before tonight's dinner.


 Such a beautiful scenery... Quiet... 
It is so relaxing... I wished we didn't have to rush so much... :(
Nelle and the elephant brought us to this awesomesauce place which I did not know existed unless it was heaven and it's called "Hai Di Lao" ( 海底捞火锅 )  which was in Somerset.

Here's a link on 10 reasons why you should go to this place when you visit Singapore! And I am seriously not exaggerating this time...

The soup was super thick and flavourful. When you dip your fatty pork meat into it... 
OH-MY-GAWD!!! It tastes like magical rainbow-ish unicorn poop. Which is a good thing. I wish unicorn poop comes in a can. Mythical burst of flavour in a can!

 Here's the grumpy looking birthday boy elephant who looked like he didn't get what he wished for Christmas. Mouth Shut Smiley

But nothing puts a smile on the elephant's face like a mistress goat sitting on the elephant's lap...
Elephant: Come sit on my lap! MuahMuah! 
Goat: "No Thanks"

 Although it was quite a rush, it was an enjoyable weekend. Good food, great company and wonderful friendship. What more could I ask for? The simplest things in life are often the most fulfiling. Love It Smiley

 Bye bye, Singapore! See you soon!

 Lastly, here's a picture of the most beautiful cat, Mochi Mirana, the Priestess of the Moon!

It is cute! But it would hide under the table and strike you out of the blue moon! 

 *Actually it belongs to the owner of the place we stayed in Singapore... She's so cute! I adore her! :D

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