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Is this real? Or is it just a fantasy?

This is my favourite love story, Chuck and Blair. Albeit their messed up relationship, their love for each other overcame all obstacles to be together. 

The problem with fairy tale is that they set the girl up for disappointment. Because in real life, the prince goes off with the wrong princess.

You may say that it is oh-so-very-naive and unrealistic of me to think that fairy tales exist in real life. But I say, is it really that difficult? Which girl or which women wouldn't want a fairy tale that they could call their own? You don't have to go around slaying dragons and rescue her from the highest tower. All you have to be, is her only knight in shining armor who sweeps her off her feet. Someone who treats her like a princess. Be a little romantic. Be a little unexpected. Be a little charming. Be a little... irrational...

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