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To Laugh or Cry?

Yesterday, I had a lunch appointment with a very good friend, KT which I have known for about 4 years through this blog.

So, I experimented a little, just to see what his reaction would be if I were to cancel the appointment last minute. I have tried it on Jae Yang. And his reaction was, "WTF??!! Are you serious???!!!" *emo and refuses to talk*

But instead, I got a funny response.



*fong fei gei basically means cancelling 
an appointment unacceptably last minute

*told him to multitask, which is to
shit while taking a bath

When he got in the car, he said, "Why did you bluff? It was very frustrating! I can't comprehend my feelings. I was kind of emotional when you said you are going to cancel lunch. But then, after that you said you were on the way. ARRRGGGGHHHHHH! I don't know if I should feel happy. It happened too quickly. I was very confused."

Hahahaha! Made me laugh out so loud in the car because of the way he said it.

I wonder, have anyone of you felt this way? Don't know if you should laugh or to cry? I know I have, all the time, while talking to "Jae Yang." It is very confusing indeed.nonono onion head

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