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Destiny - B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T

"If it is meant to be, they will always find their way back, because it is DESTINY... If they don't come back, then it is never meant to be in the first place"


IN MY HUMBLE OPINION, this sentence is to cheat the other party into believing that they will EVENTUALLY be together because of destiny...

How many of you has let a person go, and got them back? 
How many couples in the world has ever let a person go and after a few years apart, through destiny, meet again and then live happily ever after?

Reality is, when you release a bird, you can expect that it will never come back. Agree?

I DO NOT BELIEVE in destiny, what I believe is that you have to go after what you wanted. You have to choose which path to take, you have to fight for it! NOT rely on whether or not it is "destiny".

Do you sit around and wait for a cow to shit gold bars for you because it is your destiny to be successful?
And when you realised that all you ever picked up from that cow is just dung and not gold bars, you blame that it isn't your destiny to be a millionaire?


Why don't I believe in destiny? 
-Because I refuse to believe that God would ever create a murderer, for example. The person is a murderer for the choices he made, not because God made his destiny so. Understand?

The same applies for relationships.
You don't just let it be. 
Or as the Chinese saying goes,"顺其自然" (Go with the flow)

So, if you ever, EVER let a person go, it is YOUR choice to make. 
If you refused to put in effort, to hold onto that special someone, or to fight for that someone, it is YOU to be blamed, NOT destiny. 

True story : R let the only girl he loved, leave. And all he feels for about 3 years, is remorse. Because the girl, is going to marry someone else. -Good luck, R! That's all I can say...

Way to go with the flow! -please note the sarcasm

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