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Sorry, but I want you back

This is a true story ...
(as every story posted, duh!)

A friend of mine, let's call him, Joker. Had a huge fight with his girlfriend, resulting to a break-up. Girlfriend puts down her pride and apologises to him, asking for him to give their relationship another chance. Joker accepts. The next day, another argument came up. And Joker decides that he needs a break from all these arguments.
(emphasis on "a break from all these arguments")

Joker persuades girlfriend to pursue a degree while having a break from each other, assuring her that he won't be with another.

After a month, this Joker got together with ANOTHER girl. 

When I asked him, he tried dismissing the topic by either avoiding or changing the topic. After another month, this Joker texted me, asking, "How to tell someone that you still love her?".

Couldn't stop laughing.


How do you get her back?
Answer : A whole lot of patience. Respecting her space and understanding her needs. She'll probably get you back for all the hurt and pain, drain your wallet, take up your time, but in the end, if she still loves you, she'll be back in your arms. Besides, you have swept her off her feet before. But it is going to take A WHOLE LOT, and I mean A WHOLE LOT of patience.

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