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Motto!! もっと!!

Motto means MORE!!!

Everyone wants more!!!

Here is a true story:
Guy goes to work and occasionally finishes work around 7pm or 8pm, yet he never fails to accompany his girlfriend EVERYDAY!! but... the girlfriend wants him to accompany her MORE!! How much more? I do not know...

My Story : Did not meet boyfriend for 5 months because he chose to go for holiday with his friends; TWICE! Because boyfriend wants to play MORE!!


Guy brings girlfriend for sushi king 3 days in a row ($100+ each meal), buys a $1000+ handbag, frequently buys flower... but... the girlfriend says he rather spend money on his car rather than her... She wants MORE!! How much more? I do not know...

My Story : Occasionally, we go Dutch (a.k.a "AA" style). Occasionally, I pay. But I spend on him for his birthdays is MORE than what I spend on myself. Because neither of us are working yet. And because he is spending too much. NOT on me, but on himself.

People ALWAYS take things for granted... People always wants MORE!!!! Please wake up, silly girls. You don't know how lucky you are.
And I really HATE people who ASSUMES that I am a pampered, bratty girlfriend because my boyfriend buys me everything I want, HE DOESN'T. I buy my OWN clothes, my OWN shoes, my OWN gadgets with my puny allowances, can? Keep your mouth shut, if you know nuts!

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