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Note: Regarding my earlier post, "Motto", he said "You make me LOOK so bad", instead of "You made me feel really bad". That is when I realised, he thought only of himself. And when I asked, if I made any false statement. His only reply was, "I'm sorry, I do not know what to say. Sorry for being a bad boyfriend".(This is what he ALWAYS say). I have always highlighted his strengths because I accepted his weaknesses. I guess, this also made him feel like he is better than me and he shouldn't try to put any effort in this relationship, which is basically my fault for pampering him. 

A relationship is already broken when one party stops trying. He admitted, he stopped trying. And I am tired of being the only one trying to adjust to the CHANGES HE WANTED. Changes which he expects me to deal with without considering my feelings. His choice was very clear; FRIENDS COMES FIRST.  I am learning to let go. My heart aches that there is no words to describe. Tears had already run dry.

However, I wish him all the best. I wish that he plays hard enough before having a new relationship because you will hurt the girl with your FALSE PROMISES of the future. (It can be forgiven, but not forgotten) Though, a new relationship is always sweeter than maintaining an old one.

But, I still believe in love. I still believe there is someone out there who would really love me and place me above himself. 

So, I hope everyone out there who is single, please believe that love will come your way and do not give up.
There is always someone for everyone. Look harder.

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