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This Is For The Guys...

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Just kidding...I am not that lame... Actually this post is for guys who are currently going after someone...This is what you should NOT do...

1. DO NOT buy expensive stuffs as gifts 
{She is NOT your girlfriend-yet! If she likes you, small gifts are enough to make her happy, if she don't like you, you are wasting your time AND money.
Secondly, if you buy her expensive gifts when she was not your girlfriend yet, she will expected you to buy MORE EXPENSIVE gifts when she IS your girlfriend}

2. DO NOT wear your heart on your sleeves
{ Do not let her know that you like her TOO MUCH as this will be a disadvantage to you. Just let her know that you sincerely like her but NOT AS MUCH to give your life for her, as I said, she is NOT your girlfriend -YET
If she knows that you can't live without her, she might play HARDER to get and make you wait longer or even use you for her convenience}

3. DO NOT wait around for her call
{ Go out with your friends, hang out, have fun. DON'T let her think that you will be there the minute she calls. She might assume you are a boring person and has no life of your own.
Secondly, it makes you look desperate. REMEMBER : NOT your girlfriend YET}

4. DO NOT call/sms/msn 24/7
{ You will make her feel suffocated and/or irritated.
IF she LIKES you, you just made her sick of you.
IF she did NOT like you, you just made her hate you and she would avoid you like plague}


This is one way, it is basically a reverse-psychology method to get that girl...You should...

- Call her everyday, but only short talks like - "How is your day?", etc
- If the conversation gets too long, cut it short and say you have something else to do
- Do this for a week or so, and on the 11th day, stop calling altogether
- No sms, no calls, no facebook, just avoid her, but act like nothing happened

She would be thinking about you, and/or what happened between you and her which makes her miss the conversations you and her used to have...

and WALLA!! She might just give you a call and ask what is going on, and then you tell her that you can't be close to her anymore cause your heart couldn't take it anymore.

Obviously, she must know you are interested in her before you apply this "OPERATION PSYCH-HER" and she must have SOME interest in you. If she hates you...then...she might not even answer your calls...



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