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♥♥♥ I LOVE LOVE ♥♥♥

♥ Being in love makes one feel that anything and everything is possible

♥ Don't wait around for LOVE to happen, YOU make it happen

♥ The longer you wait or the harder it is to find "THE ONE", he/she is most probably "the one"


♥ When you feel everything is falling apart, just remember the simple happy moments you once had, and remind him/her of it too

♥ There is no right or 100% accurate formula for LOVE, just trust your heart and be prepared for anything and everything which comes in your way

♥ Believe in each other when no one else would

♥ Compromise and understand each other, give each other time to express and/or complain

♥ Be supportive of everything ; unless it brings them harm


♥ LOVE for the sake of loving, not because you are lonely and/or for any other reason




* I am going to be really busy this few months, so I will write whenever I can. In the mean time, tell that someone you really love them and SHOW IT, PROVE IT *


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