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I have a question...?

My senior asked me a question recently.

Would you choose :-

A) He who has $ 10 million but gives you only $ 100
B) He who has $ 1,000 but gives you only  $ 100
C) He who has $ 100 but gives you $ 100

Actually, I chose C. He has nothing much to offer, yet he is willing to give everything he can. In my opinion, this is the guy who loves me enough to give everything to me. Even if he has nothing FOR NOW, but I believe that he will work hard to make my life easier because he loves me too much to let me suffer.

Meanwhile, my senior says that B is better because, at least, he has something to offer. Though, what she says is true, but I cannot accept someone who would not give everything to me. I don't really mean money, I mean everything, in general. I mean, what if we were in a life-threatening situation? Wouldn't he be using me as a shield because he is somehow or rather, a little selfish?

And maybe I chose C because it reminds me of Max. He has nothing much to offer, yet he tries his best to make me happy with the simplest things. Maybe if everyone is easily contented, everything would be much simpler, and everyone would be much happier...
{At least, in my opinion...}

How about you??? What would your choice be???

P/S : I have a very "interesting" story coming up. It really pisses me sometimes, what the heck are these people thinking??!! But, I will tell the story another day...


  1. Well,actually the C who has nothing won't necessarily work hard to prevent you from suffering,it depends,I've seen a guy to prove this for years,no difference at all,until today he still has nothing,so i said we'd better count on ourselves...Lucky to have a good guy like Max,cherish everything u guys have,wish you forever in love =)

  2. will be c for me...we have d same mind girl..

  3. @LegendaryDrifter : as I said, I assume that C is someone who gives everything, not just money, so for someone who gives everything, would definitely be willing to sacrifice to make you happy, HE MAY NOT succeed EVER, HE MAY REMAIN POOR, but at least he will do his my opinion la... >.<

    @Daphne : ya... we are crazy people in love... LOL!


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