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My 21st Birthday

My 21st birthday passed recently. On my birthday, I had classESSSSSSS, not ONE but THREE!!!
I had to be in my college from 9:30a.m til 9:30p.m!!!  FML
What a wonderful way to celebrate a birthday...

But the next day...approximately 9:30a.m...

Max  :  Oh, no! I am late! I am sorry. My dad left without me. I guess I have to take a train. So sorry.
Me    : It's okay. Take your time and have your breakfast. Don't rush.
Max  : I am so sorry. Nevermind, I will take a personal plane, give me 10 minutes.
Me   : What???!!! What personal plane??!! Don't buLL$#iT!!
Max  : It's true. I will reach in another 10 minutes. Oh, no!
          WTF??!! The plane just stopped at the traffic light.
          Why did the plane stop at the
       traffic light??!!
          Can you believe that there is a traffic light in the middle
          of the sky??!!
Me   : I am going back to sleep. Tell me when you are really here.
Max  : Baby, open the door. I am downstairs.

{I was seriously tempted to NOT open the door because he made those "smart" jokes... But he is so sweet to get up early even though he slept very late the night before. AND I did not expect him to be early because MOST OF THE TIME, he will be late, especially if he slept late}

And he bought me a pageboy cap...
*this made me extremely happy because for the FIRST TIME, he bought something without asking anyone for ideas or asking me what I wanted. He went to get it by himself, okay??!! And it was such a surprise* 

{Short story : Before this, about a day or two ago, I was on Skype with Max. And he suddenly said,
"I did not get you anything... Please don't expect anything because I really don't know what to buy for you".
Me : Oh...okay... But you shouldn't have said that, because now I know you bought something.
Max : No, seriously, I did not buy you anything like last year. I really don't know what to buy and you're so fussy.
Me : No, seriously, you should have recorded the way you said "I did not buy you gifts" when you really did not buy anything. It's different.
Max : ...... }

So, anyway,  we went to 1 Utama's Chili's for lunch. I feel so stuffed. And I felt... it was really expensive, so I kept insisting to pay separately so that he don't have to pay for me... but... I-am-effing-pissed-you-are-so-annoying face started to show... So... *shut up*
But he was really sweet okay. He was not even supposed to come back. He has exams the following week and also a meeting the next day, but still he came back... FOR ME!!!

Then we watched Little Big Soldier. I wanted to watch Percy Jackson & blahblahblah but he wanted to watch Little Big Soldier. So we watched Little Big Soldier lor... I forgot it was whose birthday already! grrrrr~~~~

After movies, we went to Waffle World. Eat again. So full, I look like a pumpkin. See, Mr. Max enjoying his blueberry waffles.

Then, we went back. And Max had to go back too. He had to take a train back to Singapore because he has a meeting the next day... Time passed really fast... And it's been only a few days but...



  1. Nice birthday celebration,it's really something that u gonna remember to bed now,see ya tmr! =)

  2. Your Fourth photo at the RIght! Haha! Love it!

  3. babe!!!happy bday tooo u ooo...soe for late wishing u damn swit la ur darling tat...wake up soo early to go meet u agn tat...21 liao lo...more freedom and more enjoyment...hope u will enjoy ur 21 bday ya..xoxo darl!!!

  4. @Shirley : heehee...thanx thanx... i am sure you will have a memorable event too...soon...soon... =D

    @KT : ya,lar...haha...that was bcz he dun wanna take picts wif me...that's y i boo him! stupiak him! LOL~~~

    @Daph : haha... thanx 4 ur wishes... better late than never... =D


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