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I read Xiaxue's "THE Love Story" few days ago. If you have read her older entries, you might think she is just some blonde bimbo. But I have always thought she is the smartest female blogger around, honest and true to her opinions(she does sound bimbotic at times because she does it on purpose lah). But I have never thought that she could be so REAL, so generous in love.

She and Mike had a long distance relationship for about 2 years before Mike went across the globe to be near her. A real life fairytale. She was with Mike when he had absolutely nothing, when he was just a student. She took a risk being with him. I am so happy that they are finally getting married. I love happy endings. {You must read her story, it is really very touching}


After reading her entry, I felt so grateful. Because the distance of 150 kilometres suddenly feels... so... short. I am so grateful that I am only 6 hours away from him, and I don't have to take a plane to be next to him.

Today, on 23rd December 2009, is our second year anniversary. Time passed so quickly being with him, because he makes me laugh...most of the time. Though our future remains uncertain, but one thing is for sure, I am grateful to have him as my friend, my family, my beloved, my everything... EVERYTHING.


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