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Love Game... (no, not Lady Gaga's song)

Here is a simple love-trust-game. You can pass the time playing this game while traveling in the train with your girlfriend/boyfriend, or when you are waiting for friends. Also, you can get to know more about him/her and it is fun.
Each must have a piece of paper and a pen.

1. Boy ask girl (or girl ask boy also can) a question
(e.g : How many children you wish to have in the future?)

2. Both must write down the answer on the paper ( to avoid any change of mind or to "adjust the answer so that it matches each other's answer)
(e.g : Boy's answer: 2, Girl's answer: 3)

3. Compare the answer. And understand each other more by asking what is the reason for that choice.
(e.g : Why you want 3 children, it is in odd numbers...etc etc)

4. Take turns to ask the question, but BOTH must write down the answers.

Why is this game helpful?
> You can get to know your partner more without making him/her feel like a criminal (by constantly interrogating your partner, he/she will feel that you do not trust them)

> You can ask anything you want to know but was not sure how to ask ( e.g about something sensitive or the past)

> Unable to cheat because the answers are written down before comparing the answers. ( People tend to "adjust" their answers to their partners' answers because it makes them feel closer, but this widens the gap among couples because it is not the truth)

> Some questions or answers might be funny and then you get to laugh and have fun. ( That is what LOVE is right? It is about sharing laughs with your special someone)

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