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Trust? No way...

What and where does trust comes from? I believe when you are in love, you tend to forget everything else and place your entire trust on the person you love. And most of the time, gets disappointed that the person took your trust for granted.

Actually what matters is how much you love the person to oversee the matter. It might seem like a big issue to you, but to him/her, it might not be that big of a deal. Which was why he/she lied in the first place. But hey, he/she is NOT cheating on you. It might be that he/she came home late and did not want you to worry, so they said they were already home, etc etc. I am not encouraging anyone to lie, but as you can see, it is just a small matter. Also, what triggered this lies? Is it because he/she knows that you don't like him/her to come home late(relating to the above situation), therefore, to avoid any arguments, he/she lies.

Always... Always, always think from each other shoes. If you can understand how he/she feels, and he/she can understand how you feel, there won't be problems like this. Most relationship will crumble and fall when it deals with challenges, this just shows how shallow and how fragile the relationship is. It also means that those people don't really understand what is love. Of course everyone is happy when there are no problems or tough challenges (who isn't?). But life don't go that way. If you just want to be happy and be cared for, THEN HANG OUT WITH FRIENDS, DON'T FALL IN LOVE!!

Also, I realized that most couple don't understand each other even after they were together for 2 years. Why? Because they did not take the initiative to do so! Since they don't understand their partner, it is difficult to solve the problem. And problems keeps piling up. And please... The word L-O-V-E must not come out easily. Not until you really feel that way.What is the point if you love every guy/girl you meet? Meaningless. LOVE is not something you can explain, not that you "LOVE" that person because he/she is cute but because you really do. It is something you can feel deep inside, something you want to tell but there is no word to describe it. The feeling off operating your body to show what it inside because words just can't explain!

When someone breaks a trust, it is due to lack of communication. Find out from his/her point of view, why did it happen... Is it because you were overprotective? Is it because you are stubborn? And learn to gain the trust from person you love by proving that it is worth trusting you... Not expecting they will trust you because they love you!(don't expect, give instead) Because if you love the person, you are able to do anything people thought impossible. Do not be afraid to trust for fear of getting hurt. Love with all your heart.

And trust when you love.


  1. i begin to sense... it has a lil bit related to me.... hahahah

  2. LOL!! well, d topic started bcz of u...buden its nt reali abt u la... "perasan"... =P

  3. Hey, i like you post and i copy and paste to my blog. I did credit you! if you feel uneasy, told me, i will remove it AsAp.

    Once again, I enjoyed reading this post. :)


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