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Is leaving really a solution? How sure are you that you would be happier if you left? Especially when he has done nothing to betray your trust or cheat on you... Is he worth staying?

Nothing is really certain... No one knows for sure what will happen next... Who knows? He could be "The One", and if you really give up on him without putting a fight, then it would be your loss - live with remorse for the rest of your life. Do not choose to end the relationship because it is tiresome. Do not end a relationship because you "chickened out". There is NO timeout in love/relationship, NO delays. NO pausing. If there's a reason to end a relationship, there would only be ONE- there is no more love in the relationship. So, fight with all your might. Even if everything else fails, you know that you had fought your hardest for love. And you can live with no regrets. No doubts of what might have happened or might have been. Be fearless and do not be ashamed of your feelings. Because you might never know what has been destined for you.

If you do not fight for it, you will lose out even if it was meant to be. Because if there is no effort, there won't be a result. Live. Life. Love. =)

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