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In relationships, tolerance and understanding is essential(d-u-h...!). But how well can one understand their partner? Does it mean that the longer the relationship the more you understand each other? What if your other half don't even understand you or DOES NOT want to understand you? What if you are the only one who's putting the effort to understand and sacrifice? What if it is more than you can take? Do you break it off? Or suffer in silence?

I just don't understand how can one be so ignorant towards their partner... Sometime I even wonder, do they know the meaning of love? Or it is rather just a phrase? The problem is when the other half does not want to or is to stupid to know anything... or even make any effort to at least try to understand... What is love? Why be in a relationship to suffer?

Have you ever thought, "Why he does not understand me, he doesn't support me and even put me down in things that I believe in. I have to digest everything he says and do as he says". Why? Because he is superior? Because he is a guy? More often than not, argue about the slightest things... When you are in the wrong, he just laugh about it. When he is wrong, he gets angry and avoids the conversation. Because he is NEVER wrong. When asking for opinion and then discards, it is really frustrating because he should not ask about it if he was not going to believe it in the first place, right? As for his friends, everything is ok when it comes to his friends. He laughs about it when he is wrong with his friends. Everything okie dokie...I guess friends rules, huh? So, the right thing to do is just shut up and live with it? Or leave?...for good...

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