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It's been 3 years...

When the clock strikes midnight, it will be Christmas Eve... and our 4th year together begins...

This year, during our 3rd year anniversary, we did not do anything special. We did not even meet. The truth is, I have not seen him since August. He was too busy with university activities, friends, work and examinations. Whenever he did come back, it was only for a few days(as in 2-3 days) and I did not get a chance to meet him. Though I have been adjusting to his absence, I cannot adjust being unable to see him for 4 months.

Sometimes it is easier to blame everything on him for not being there. Though he always reminds me, assures me that I am the only one he loves, it is not easy being apart. In fact, it is very very very difficult!

3 years is not a long time, nonetheless it is not a short period of time either. Time cannot measure the depths of a relationship. But, I certainly need more time from him, to be with him.

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