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Met Me Halfway ~

Short rant : I didn't notice that I abandoned my blog for a whole month... Well, I had to... Had exams... Boo~~!!! Anyway, I thought of abandoning this blog forever, but every once in a while, I receive comments/emails/offline messages from people... {FYI : most of the followers on this blog are people I do not know}... sigh~

As you know, Max is in Singapore. So, last week, I went to JB with my family. Thus, the title "Met Me Halfway", because he met me(& my family) in JB, which took each of us 2 hours and a half.

Anyway, there was nothing in JB(specifically "Danga Bay") except the awesome SEAFOOD! And of course, MAX! Since there is nothing interesting there, I'll just summarize the things to do IF you were to go on a holiday/honey moon with HIM/HER...

1. Go for a BBQ seafood dinner

2. Go for night walks @ the Danga Walk (there's like a mini funfair...? + it is by the beach)

3. Go for a walk on the beach (nice wind)

4. Go for karaoke in Neway (I know there's Neway in KL too, but as I said, there is NOTHING in JB)

*in Neway...Seriously, I do not know who is the crazy hyper happy eskimo girl thing-y...not me!...SERIOUS!!*

5. Go for a swim

6. Go window shopp
ing (City Square)

7. After shopping, have a chat in Starbucks

*starbucks......can I has 12mp camera, plisssh??*

8. MUST buy ORIGINAL pirated DVDs, only RM3+/piece, if you buy 10... 

9. Watch the romantic movie you bought

10. Go around Danga Bay looking for :-
~ otak-otak
~ kuey teow kia
~ crab (basically, SEAFOOD)
~ satay sotong, satay ayam tulang & satay udang (satay ayam tulang is special + awesomeeeeee)
~ ho jian (taiwanese snack)

11. Shop for cheap, nice and awesome clothes (I saw many awesome clothes there, and bought nothing in the end because I keep looking for better bargains, and in the end, there was no time left... T_______T)

These should keep you busy for at least 3 days. It is actually quite relaxing and slow-paced. No need to rush and less jam. =D
Most of all, it is a seaFOOD paradise + nice beach = romantic.

omgwthrolmao : I've gained 7kgs since being with Max. T_______T
well, Max's birthday is coming soon... What is the surprise for this year? hmmmm......


  1. good u got d chance to meet him up..u knw me still stuck at home for this holiday..didn't get d chance to meet my luv..uhuhuhu...btw,hws ur exam babe?hopefully ok rite..;)

  2. yeah...♥~~~
    why are you stuck at home when it is holiday la??? ask him go look for you...or meet halfway...hahaaa... >.<!!
    exam results are out in aug... *fingers crossed*

  3. Yes, JB is torture :(


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