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Previously I had to many stories to listen to. Don't even know when or which to post. One of my friends did ask me when am I going to post her story. Well, this is it...
(it is quite long, so maybe I will divide it to two parts)

J went out with a guy from her same school. She was with him for almost a year. Everything was so good. One day, she went for a drink with a schoolmate, K. Talking about guys and so on. Suddenly, K mentioned her boyfriend's name. So, J thought, ok... Maybe that name is a common name, so it is not surprising if J's boyfriend and K's boyfriend  had the same name. So, J jokingly asked K if it is the same guy. Well...... there is no words to describe J's feelings when she realize that K's boyfriend IS HER BOYFRIEND!

J then broke up with the guy (let's call him Ass). Then she found out that K has been going out with that Ass before J. However, when K was going out with Ass, Ass was with another girl. So, NOBODY KNEW that K was going out with Ass. To be precise, Ass was cheating on the the first girl with K (the first one was that girl, second is K, third is J). And J found out about this AFTER she broke up with him. And how did she find out? From K's mouth... K PERSONALLY TOLD J about it. And all the while, J was taking the blame of ruining Ass's first relationship because nobody knew about K.

I seriously effing hate this muthaeffer. I am wondering how good looking he is. Seriously. Can you believe this shizz? Damn it. However, this is a one-sided story. Being on this side, I can help but feel infuriated. One guy playing with three girls. Shizzy eunuch.

Because J is the third, she decided to leave. Hurt and depressed. At least she managed to save a friendship. OR MAYBE NOT? Tell you in the next part.

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