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Without love, there is no life...

Yesterday I chatted with a friend. He was previously going after his ex, and they did become closer. Just when he thought they had a chance, he received an intimate SMS meant for another guy. What a nightmare... and he said, "I have never thought of being with another person other than her". And then, here is what he said...

Friend : My friend said 面包重过爱情 (which simply meant bread worth more than love)

Me : Your friend obviously had not loved before or he/she has been hurt badly and has never found another one whom he/she really loves.

Friend : Maybe.

Me : These hurt and pain will allow us to grow, to learn. Then only we could learn to treat someone better, to love someone more in the future.

Friend : I guess it is true. But I am not waiting for anyone. I don't want to get hurt anymore.

Me : Feelings are what makes us human. The day you stop loving/hating, is the day you are no longer human but an empty, cold body.

Friend : I guess so. You should publish a book with those lines.

And so, here I am... blogging about it...

Anyone who has loved before definitely has been hurt. Does it mean when we get hurt, we should give up on love and eat bread? What if the moment you gave up, and there is already someone standing in front of you? You would not have seen him/her...

IF you were given the chance, to re-do all over again, with the one person you love, wouldn't you take the chance and hoped you did something right, and everything turned out to be a happy ending?

or... would you just give up the chance and say, " I do not want to get hurt anymore".

Because if you are such a coward, and not willing to get hurt, don't fall in love. And never leave your home. Because if you do, you might fall down and get hurt. Or you might be pushed and got hurt. But at home, the fan from the ceiling might fall and crush you, or there's a short circuit, and you might get electrocuted... ooh, oh...! Maybe you should just stay in a small room at a corner...

Life does not end when you get hurt. Life ends when you can no longer love.

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  1. but people like me, too addicted over love... seems like I'm spoiling my life...


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