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Rock, paper, scissors...Scissors!

What happens when scissors is against another scissors? Nobody wins...

Sometimes I wonder, how can a couple be so alike manage to attract each other... Same bad temper, same sore-loser attitude... Isn't it supposed to be "opposite attracts"?? Like the north pole of a magnet attracting the south pole?

Me and Max is really... I mean if we were not together, we would have been arch enemies... When I first met him, he disliked me and vice versa. He seriously hated me. He was pissed when I sat in his chair. And I was always criticizing his "fluent" english = fenglish... I always laughed at his mistakes. Which was the reason why he disliked me.

But...maybe... Just maybe because we are so alike, we could understand each other so well. We could finish each others' sentences. I knew what he wanted before he asks. And he knows what I am thinking. Heck! We would even laugh at the lady(granny) with weird fashion senses at the same time, bursting out in laughter without saying a word to each other.

However, when things get rough,
when we have an argument, it could get pretty messed up. Even worst than World War III. Like Hancock and his girlfriend. I mean massive destruction. Really. So, tell me... How it is everything so wrong about us feels so right? Like we were meant to be. That he is really the one for me...

"If it is meant to be,
our hearts will find each other
when we meet.
And if our hearts melt together
so will our bodies and souls.
Then every word and every touch
will fuel our passion flame.
I will be yours, you will be mine,
and we will be one."

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