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Always Be My Baby...

I heard this old Mariah Carey song... The lyrics.. Made me feel so touched... Because in the song, she was so so sure and confident that HE would come back. I wished I had that kind of confidence. Well, I hope everything turns well for me too...

I don't know. I just want time to fly by to the part where it is almost at the happy ending. He is doing everything he can to spend most of his time with me and I repay his kindness with cruelty. By being rude to him and making everything so difficult for him. I do not wish for him to stay. But part of me does not want him to leave.

Always Be My Baby...

We were as one babe
For a moment in time
And it seemed everlasting
That you would always be mine
Now you want to be free
So I'm letting you fly
Cause I know in my heart babe
Our love will never die

You'll always be a part of me
I'm a part of you indefinitely
Boy don't you know you cant escape me
Oh Darling cause you'll always be my baby
And we'll linger on
Time can't erase a feelings this strong
No way you gonna shake me
Oh Darling cause you'll always be my baby...

Please let the two years end as quickly as possible...

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