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ミズ ♥ mizu

I couldn't sleep well for the past few days. I probably hurt him with my actions... As I switched on the computer, I saw pictures that I didn't have the heart to delete. Looking at his pictures, it made me smile a little. 

I remembered how much I liked looking at him while he was asleep. He looks really horrible... with a really horrible sleeping pose and drooling all over the pillowcase, or sometimes, my hair... And I always used that to make fun of him when he woke up. I remembered how much I liked the way his hair looks right out of the shower, or while swimming... 

I remembered how I knew he was going to be angry before he got angry... and how much I liked understanding him more than he understood himself. What I didn't like was, he didn't or maybe couldn't understand me...

There were so many memories of him. And I had never imagined spending my life with anyone else but him. Still couldn't...

Though there were many bad memories I couldn't forget even if I wanted to(it is easier to forgive, but not forget), but he also left many happy memories... which are now... well, MEMORIES...

I miss you
♫ Miss you so bad 

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