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Everyone makes sacrifices for the ones they love.

I learnt that sacrifices which he made may seem like nothing to me, but actually he gave up his world FOR ME.

e.g. He/she who is an enthusiastic gamer gives up playing games to spend more time with you. He/she gave up his/her world for you. If you are a gamer, you will know that it is a very big sacrifice.

But people on the other side, people like me, is always expecting more. It is not because I don't appreciate what he did but sometimes, it is hard to see what is on the other side.

Only when I lie down to sleep, thinking about him, only do I realise what and how much he has done for me.

All in all, I learn to appreciate him more and whenever I feel angry or annoyed at him, I reminisce what he has done to make me the happiest person while being with him.

"Appreciate everything he/she has sacrificed for you. Though it may seem like nothing to you, it may be EVERYTHING for him/her"

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