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Don't judge a book by it's cover... Don't judge a girl by her appearance...

I've met girls who looked innocent, quiet and sweet but deep down, is filled with evil which is comparable with the devil's pawns(maybe they are the devil's pawns afterall). Girls who would do anything to break up other people's relationship, girls who would offer anything just to win or show that they are superior, girls who spoil the name of love. These girls gives me the creeps because you can never know what are they up to or their motives. Let's just say I've met some of them, and this story is about one of them.

A new girl,Z has been transfered from another state to our school. She looks pretty and innocent(or pretty innocent, I should say...). However, the first day I met her, I did not like her at all. I could not explain why but I just didn't like her. And I felt guilty because she did not do anything to me. At the end of the year, she and a friend of mine,L (whom I've known for 13 years) started seeing each other. Everyone was so happy to see the new couple, including me.

However, this love story did not last. L was having problems with Z's ex-boyfriend. According to Z, the ex-boyfriend would not leave her alone. And Z just simply left the sh*t behind for L to pick. So, L called her ex-boyfriend,ya da ya da and solved the problem. A couple of weeks later, another problem came up. My friend, J's girlfriend told me that Z confessed that she has feelings for J. So, J's girlfriend asked for my help. I talked to J and realised that J does not have feelings for Z, so I advised J to stop contacting Z to save his relationship(J really loved his girlfriend). The next day, J told me that Z would not stop contacting him, repeatedly telling him how much she loved him. So I have no choice but to tell L. I was surprised when L told me that he knew about Z and J. But he was told a different story. He was told J would not stop telling Z that he loved her, and Z being the "nice" girl did not want to ruin the friendship, decided to keep quiet. I showed L the messages Z had sent to J. And asked L if it is alright to test Z. AND HE AGREED!(remember that he agreed to test Z, which I would explain later as to why it is important to remember this)

The next few days, Z still kept contacting J. So, I borrowed J's phone to let L message or ask Z anything he want to know by pretending to be J. After thinking for awhile, he said he did not want to betray her by not trusting her. I was stunned. How could someone be so stupid after knowing that his girlfriend is flirting with SOMEONE ELSE'S BOYFRIEND??!! By doing so, he is not only indirectly encouraging her to cheat, and break up other people's relationship but also tarnish the name of LOVE!!! This is not LOVE! This is you being afraid to be left alone! LOVE IS NOT MEANT TO BE SHARED WITH ANOTHER PEOPLE BUT WITH EACH OTHER! I was so pissed. So, I told J to test Z by asking her to choose between J and L(with J's girlfriend's approval). be continued......

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